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Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

The rules of co-ownership and the descriptive state of division

Co-property information

When a property is subject to co-ownership, the co-ownership regulations contain the rules that apply within the co-ownership: they determine the rights and obligations of the co-owners.

It contains :

Thedescriptive statement of division is generally annexed to the co-ownership regulations. It identifies the building, details the numbering of the lots, and the location of each lot.

The co-ownership regulations and the descriptive state of division are published in the real estate file.

To know : If you are buying a property in co-ownership, the co-ownership regulations will provide you with useful information on your rights and obligations as a co-owner.
As a tenant of a co-ownership lot, you will be informed of your rights and obligations by the communication of extracts from the co-ownership regulations.